Atlético Madrid has tried for Belotti but the main focus remains on Di...
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Date: 31/05/2017 -

Atlético Madrid has tried for Belotti but the main focus remains on Diego Costa and Lacazette

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With his 26 Serie A goals this season, Andrea Belotti has really been impressive with Torino. The Granata have succeeded into getting him a new contract with a 100 million euros buy-out clause and Urbano Cairo, Torino's chairman, won't accept less for his player.

Despite that clause, il Gallo (the rooster), keeps making a lot of teams interested in Italy but also in Spain. Atlético Madrid has indeed tried to get him but is now focused on Diego Costa's return and Alexandre Lacazette's arrival that are Simeone's priorities. The coach could get Diego Costa who only wants Atlético, if he wouldn't renew his contract with Chelsea, but lose Griezmann to get this summer's window transfer objectives.

The French player isn't convinced by PSG's offer as he would rather not play in Ligue 1. Manchester United is interested in him but isn't its main target. Griezmann would in fact be third on Mourinho's list, behind Morata and Mbappé. Milan is also interested in the Spanish forward while Real Madrid is also keen on the Monaco player.

From the likely arrivals of Diego Costa and Lacazette to the sacrifice of Griezmann and an attempt for Belotti: Atlético Madrid's attack might undergo a lot of changes this summer.

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