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Agent of Younes in exclusive interview: "There was no meeting with the Camorra. The meeting with Sarri? Positive. The truth about his Napoli contract..."

| News | Autore: Redazione

After rumors came out in Holland today that Amin Younes did not want to join Napoli any longer because of the Camorra, Nino Caracciolo of spoke directly to the player's agent, Nicola Innocentin: "Younes met with the Camorra? What is written is an absolute falsity. The city of Naples, its people and its club do not deserve this: Only those who don't know Naples can write these things. In the three days that Amin was in Naples I was always by his side and I can guarantee that he was extremely impressed by the affection of the Neapolitan people. He thinks that we went to eat and really, having recognized him, they had him make a pizza! Amin then, when we went to the San Paolo, was impressed by the warmth of the fans, in addition to the beautiful play of Napoli."

Innocentin then spoke about the meeting that took place with Sarri in January: "It is absolutely not true that the manager put in doubt his immediate use for the club as was written in Holland, it is another false report. Sarri and Amin discussed different technical aspects, with the Napoli manager showing that he knew the player well: a very positive meeting, I can guarantee. The attempt to have him join in January instead was only in order to have him adapt to a new environment six months in advance, a normal thing that happens for every player and especially those coming from abroad. The idea of Sarri was to have him enter the rotation of the squad, then obviously the play on the field would have the last say."

So why didn't Younes transfer to Italy last January and why does he still today cast doubt on his move to Napoli? Innocentin responded to both questions in a precise manner: "Amin confirmed with president De Laurentiis in person that he wanted to return to Ajax exclusively for personal reasons. Napoli's lawyer Grassani mentions a signed five year contract already deposited with the league? It's true like that. Starting July 1st, 2018 he'll be a Napoli player and he'll respond to the club's selection: then obviously it will be up to him to decide if he'll answer with the consequences that come with that or if maybe they can evaluate other options with Napoli. But he has already signed a contract that will tie him to the club until 2023" the player's agent added.

So why are there so many rumors on Younes' future? "I think many agents, intermediaries, clubs have put out some disturbance maneuvers once they saw that the player's transfer didn't take place in January. But I repeat that was just an attempt to anticipate the deal by six months," Innocentin concluded.

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