Roma’s Sabatini:”Benatia will only leave for 61 million. We’ll improve roster”

David Amoyal
31-05-2014 13:02

Roma's sporting director Walter Sabatini attended a press conference to clarify the Benatia situation. A few days ago, the defender made some statements about his future from Morocco's training camp that caused quite a stir. This is what Sabatini had to say:"He is a great player that belongs to Roma, he has a contract that expires in 4 years. We are serene. I take this opportunity to say he has a solid character and thanks to his qualities he had a great season. I wouldn't want people to make too much of statements he made far away from Trigoria (Roma's training facility), it's something that can happen and he didn't want to disrespect anyone. He is the victim of a misunderstanding while talking about promises that weren't kept"

Sabatini went to describe what happened with Benatia "It's true that when he signed with Roma he had various offers superior to ours. I have to acknowledge he embraced our project by turning down bigger offers. In this instance, I told him to do his job well and we would give him a raise in the contract. We just had different solutions. The raise was offered and when he said it was a ridicolous amount it was poorly phrased in a language that isn't his. We can't demonize him. He is a Roma player that will stay with Roma. All of this was orchestrated by Sissoko (his agent) someone who is looking for an opportunity. I can guarantee both Benatia's moral and sporting value because when I concluded the deal with Udinese he had an agitated night since it was a significant deal. Many were skeptical but the facts showed we were right. This is why he is off the market. The thirty million his agent suggested for me represent the value of his weakest foot. So we need at least 60, even 61 million euro. For an offer like that I wouldn't be able to guarantee he stays"

Sabatini then talked about the future:"We need to have backups in every role. We are already working with Gracia evaluating all the players we considered. Improving this team will be difficult because they are a great group, but we'll do it since we want to. In some cases we'll have two backups"


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