Balotelli’s future at Milan is uncertain, while Milan is in a war of words with Seedorf

David Amoyal
04-07-2014 15:11

Balotelli's future at Milan is uncertain. Nobody knows where he'll play next. There are some who want him, those willing to give up on him at least based on what they say. These words carry more weight when they come from the club's president, Silvio Berlusconi, then it means Milan is truly in a heated phase. It's pretty clear they no longer considers him untouchable, which is pretty obvious to many, especially to clubs abroad where he still has a market. But how much is he worth? Before the World Cup, at least if you go by Berlusconi's words there was an advanced negotiation with a club willing to pay 35 million euro to acquire him. The deal collapsed after the World Cup in which Balotelli struggled. And now Berlusconi told people close to his circle "Who would buy him?"which proves Milan is willing to sell but also that the market for him isn't as strong. Berlusconi also called Galliani to minimize those words as well as the reaction to them. That phone call could have also been to discuss Balotelli's future situation. Super Mario himself is waiting to see the possible scenarios, at the moment he is on vacation before he will try to sort out all the drama surrounding his future.

On top of having to handle the Balotelli situation, Milan is also involved in a war of worlds with their former coach Seedorf. Likely this all started because there never harmony between Seedorf, the club and the locker room. This was confirmed by the team's captain Riccardo Montolivo who spoke during a promotional even, the midfielder lost motivation and peace of mind during the Seedorf's time with the club, so much so that he stopped celebrating after scoring goals. His words were harsh and weren't appreciated by Seeedorf's agent Deborah Martin, who responded by saying that nobody was authorized to speak after Allegri's sacking. Milan's response didn't take long, they issued an official statement on their website:"A.C. Milan points out that the statement by one of it's players, which surprised Deborah Martin, Clarence Seedorf's agent, was simply the point of view of the person and weren't coming in any way from the club" There is a war of words between Milan and Seedorf, who used to have a great relationship.




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