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Various scenarios being discussed in the Juve-Morata negotiation. Madrid wants to use funds for Suarez

01/06/2014 - 13:44

di David Amoyal


Juventus and Real Madrid continue to negotiate for Alvaro Morata, but they have yet to find a formula for the deal that works for both clubs. Real Madrid would like to sell Morata for 20 million euro to partially fund the purchase of Luis Suarez. Madrid would also like an option to buy back Morata at a future date,  they also would like the 20 million this summer, while Juve would like to pay it in a year. But this isn’t a formula that works for Juventus.

The bianconeri would like a different option. Considering that Real Madrid wants to have the option to buy back Morata, Juventus would prefer to do a loan with option to buy deal that would also include a counter option to buy (at a higher price) for Real Madrid. Yesterday we reported Morata wants to join Juve over going to play for Arsenal and Tottenham, there will be more opportunities to negotiate when Juve and Real Madrid play a former glories match tomorrow.


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