Suitors start to lineup for Fiorentina’s Cuadrado

David Amoyal
12-02-2014 19:30

There is no doubt Cuadrado is one of the best wingers in Europe. The Colombian is constantly flying down the flanks at high speed, and if you fall behind him good luck catching him. While he may not score many goals they are all memorable. It's inevitable that he is now becoming one of the hot names on the transfer market: he is co owned by Fiorentina and Udinese and he is valued at 30 million euro, it would cost 15 million for one of his current owners to buy out the other. Juventus remains vigilant with him, but they are only talking to Udinese with whom they have a great relationship, which really can't be said for Fiorentina.

The viola have received two offers for Cuadrado in the past. One was from Bayern Munich when they were negotiating the Gomez deal. The other was from Arsenal last summer as well, but Fiorentina turned it down decisively. Wenger will definitely try to acquire him again. Arsenal's management had talked to Cuadrado's agent Lucci during the Vucinic negotiation, there will soon be some more contacts to see if there are the conditions to acquire him. Fiorentina's sporting director Prade' and coach Montella would like to keep him, the Della Valle will try to but it appears there will be an auction which will increase the offers as well as the wages for the player. Fiorentina has given him 3 raises recently, his salary went from 500,000 euro to 1.5 million, but that is still low compared to what big clubs in Europe can offer. Cuadrado is ready to become a hot name on transfer market.


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