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Iturbe-Juventus: it’s the decisive day for the deal

15/07/2014 - 12:31

di Enrico Passarella

iturbe 1

Iturbe took off from Asuncion to fly to Italy. He’ll arrive this afternoon at the Fiumicino airport, hoping to be welcomed by good news and maybe a new team. Iturbe is the hottest name in the transfer market. After travelling around Brazil to support Argentina along with his cousin and his agents, now Juan is waiting to know his future. He chose Juventus few weeks ago, the club counted a lot on the player’s will to try to reach an agreement with Hellas Verona on advantageous terms. Today will be the decisive day to define the deal, after yesterday’s phone call. Juventus can’t waste any more time if they want to acquire him, because Mascardi (the man that really decides Iturbe’s future) visited many European team in recent weeks to find a club (Atletico Madrid, for instance) that allowed him to keep a percentage of the rights of the player (Mascardi owns the 10 percent). If Iturbe moves to Turin, Mascardi would lose his share, that’s why he’s trying to raise the price tag and this is starting to bother Marotta and Paratici. Juventus need to make a final push if they don’t want to lose their advantage.


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