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Fiorentina’s Della Valle: “Prandelli? I’m not suprised. Cuadrado? It’s hard to keep him, there isn’t only Barcelona after him”

10/07/2014 - 19:05

di Enrico Passarella

andrea della valle

Andrea Della Valle was interviewed during the Cinecittà World even. He commented on Prandelli’s remarks on Rossi: “I’m very embittered for Prandelli’s words on Rossi. Unloading everything on Giuseppe Rossi was unconceivable. He said some nonsense, really unconceivable. He was an excellent professional until few weeks ago. I’m not surprised of what Prandelli said in the last days, I know how he acts, I saw him run away. He’s not accustomed to handling certain situations, I know him too well. When you get to the bottom of things, he’s always missing.” He also weighed in on Cuadrado: “It’s hard to keep him, but not impossible. But sometimes I managed to do impossible things. Barcelona? They are not the only team after him, there are many threats.”


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