Borussia Dortmund’s offer for Immobile on it’s way. Juve will have to make a decision

David Amoyal
18-04-2014 13:48

Ciro doesn't want to learn German "It's difficult" he says with that smile of a "scugnizzo" (kid from Napoli) that is worth more than one thousand words. However Borussia Dortmund is the team most interested in Immobile who comes from Torre Annunziata, a city who was celebrating Savoia's return to the professional ranks yesterday, a place who is more in love with Immobile after every goal this season, 19 so far this season with no penalty kicks. Juventus and Torino co own him. The striker has his Italy jersey in the drawer, the suitcase is ready for Brazil. Prandelli is observing him, and Immobile is delivering every weekend, with scouts from Germany present almost every Sunday, just like the last one in Genoa. The weekend before they were in Catania. Since he is a typical Neapolitan, Immobile is superstitious, he hopes they scout him until the end of the season, certainly the report on him is positive.

Yesterday during my usual round of phone calls to uncover news, the important message arrived:"There could soon be an update, the Germans are always more interested, I have a feeling the offer is on it's way and the negotiation could truly begin" Dortmund is ready to push hard to acquire him. They want two players to replace Lewandowski, one has already arrived- Ramos, the Colombian who scores in Berlin for Hertha. The other one has the face of a "scugnizzo" and the smile of a good kid. He only wants to keep scoring, for Torino with an eye towards Brazil. But soon he will have to make a decision, just like Juve. Sell him or bring him back to the club? Torino also would like to keep him but they know it's getting more difficult, maybe harder than learning German.

Article by Gianluca Di Marzio for translated by David Amoyal


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